True romance is always an adventure...


Shoving the key into the lock, she gave it a quick turn and then tested the door to make certain it had latched. Then she turned to him with a smile. "All set. I’ll take that now." She reached for the bag.

He let go as her hand curled over the rolled up top of the brown paper bag. Unfortunately, she didn’t have a good enough grip on it and it dropped to the ground with a loud thud. The thin paper sack split open, spilling its contents everywhere.

"What the..." His eyes rounded and his jaw went slack as he stared down at the assortment of vibrators strewn out across the shadow-dappled walkway.


"Oh, shit," Kelsie exclaimed, her cheeks instantly turning a vibrant shade of red. She fell to her knees and scrambled to gather up the assortment of sex toys scattered around her. "They’re not mine," she insisted as she reached for a package that read THE GLOW WORM.

He couldn’t help but grin. "Let me guess," he said as he knelt to help her. "They belong to a friend?"

"Exactly," she blurted out, looking up at him. "They do."

He arched a brow.

"It’s true. I swear. And I’m going to kill Nanci the second I see her again."

Nanci. Now that made more sense. She was more the ‘Glow Worm’ kind of girl. An odd sense of relief surged through him. Not that he was uptight when it came to people finding sexual pleasure. It was just hard to imagine Kelsie having that kind of sexual weapons arsenal.

He continued picking up the boxes. "I had no idea there were so many kinds of these things."

She laughed. "This is nothing."

He returned the last of the battery-operated joy-toys to what was left of the bag and then stood, carefully handing it over to Kelsie. "Looks like Joe’s got himself a lot of competition."

She laughed. "Nanci doesn’t use them. Well, I suppose she might, but that’s really not any of my business. My guess is that these are for her collection."


She nodded. "Yes. You know how some men collect baseball cards?"

He nodded.

"Instead of cards, she collects vibrators."

Kelsie was the only person he knew that could make that kind of comparison and have it sound like her friend’s obsession with fake phalluses wasn’t somewhat out of the norm.

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