True romance is always an adventure...


"You done what" Baylee Jean exclaimed, her raised voice shaking the window pane beside her.

"She said she and Big Matt diddled at the swimmin' hole yesterday," Randi Lynn repeated and then promptly added, "Twice."

"I heard her," Baylee Jean snapped as she set to pacing the floor of her bedroom. "I was hopin' to hell I'd heard her wrong."

"Baylee Jean?" Catie Ann said as her best friend crossed the room in nothing less than a huff. "You told me give Matt a taste of what I had to offer without committin' to him. I didn't commit. Yet."

Her friend stopped and turned to stare at her, her long, midnight hair swinging wide before settling over her one shoulder. "A taste, Catie Ann. Not the whole fuckin' meal."

"Baylee Jean," Randi Lynn said, trying to calm her sister down.

"I couldn't help myself," Catie Ann admitted with a sigh. "I went to the swimmin' hole - alone - after cleanin' up the supper dishes. I had just taken off my clothes and was fixin' to go skinny dippin' when Matt came trompin' outta the woods in the altogether."

"Oh my," Randi Lynn said, color flooding her perfectly boned cheeks. Other than her occasional verbal run-ins with Skeeter, Baylee Jean's sister never raised her voice, didn't drink, had never uttered a cuss word, and would never ever even think about diddling. Her modeling dreams took priority in her life.

"Oh my, is right," she agreed with a smile, the memory of him bursting from the woods, cursing 'her sexy self', still fresh in her mind. All six-feet-five inches of bare, muscular man-flesh.

Baylee Jean's frown deepened.

"Will you stop lookin' at me like that?" Catie Ann snipped, more than a little confused by her friend's reaction. "I wanted him. Have wanted him forever. What does it matter if I gave Matt an appetizer or a sit down buffet?"

"Lay down buffet from the sound of things," Randi Lynn muttered, drawing a pair of matching scowls her way. She threw up her hands. "Sorry. I'll stay outta this one."

Baylee Jean settled onto the foot of the bed with a sigh. "Where's the challenge now?" she asked, emotion thick in her voice. "Big Matt's had the milk. What's to stop him from movin' on to the next cow?"

"Excuse me?" Catie Ann said, jamming a hand down onto her rounded hip. "Did you just call me a cow?"

"What?" Baylee Jean muttered and then shook her head with a frown. "That's not what I meant."

"Then what did you mean?"

Her friend closed her eyes. "I don't want you endin' up like I did. Givin' yourself to a man, heart and soul, and havin' him throw it all away because he can't stick with one female."

Now Baylee Jean's reaction was starting to make sense. She walked over and sat down next to her friend, putting her hand atop Baylee Jean's. "Big Matt ain't Jimmie Joe. He ain't goin' nowhere." She knew it in her heart.

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